We offer you a whole range of open source taxonomies and proprietary custom thematic ontologies

Open source ontologies often need extensive optimizations before they can be used for text mining. Let our experts handle that for you. We also have a number of custom-made ontologies only we can provide you with.

  • 96 taxonomies with over 40 Mio. synyoms are available
  • covering a wide range of topics (anatomy, chemistry, countries, diseases, material properties, species, substances, ...)
  • quarterly updates
  • many formats to choose from like SKOS-XL, TTL, XML, OBO and ANSI
  • optimized for text mining
  • link-outs to external data
  • with black-, white and gray lists


An ontology just for you

We offer you to create one or more ontologies just for you, optimized and fine-tuned for your specific needs. Starting from a sample set of documents we can create the perfect ontologies for your projects. If you need precise feedback, we can also provide you with hand-made goldsets to calculate precision and recall.


Tools for ontology creation & editing

In addition to our ready-2-use ontologies we also offer tools to help you create your own ontologies

  • SODIAC - GUI-based first chemistry-aware ontology editor, editing of general ontologies classify compounds in databases or chemical files prediction of properties (free for academic use)
  • OntViewer - allows GUI-based viewing and analyzing of even very large OBO ontologies
  • OntChecker - mighty command line pogram, allows you to automatically transform and correct ontologies
  • HugeEdit - makes viewing & editing very large files (>2GB) fast and easy
  • OntCreator - creates ontologies based on Wikipedia and machine learning


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